Setting up HUB

​* Design and features shown on screen shots are subject to change with each new update, we will update this page as often as possible, if there is any issue setting up the program or following the below steps, please contact support and we will assist in any way we can.

  1. When you have downloaded HUB, it will download as a zip file.


  2. Open the zip file either by double clicking on it, or navigating to the directory that zip file is located.


  3. On the top tool bar, click the button that says "Extract all".


  4. A pop-up window will ask you where you would like to save this folder, you can navigate the directory you would like to save it, with the "Browse" button on the right hand side.


  5. Once you have chosen the directory you would like to save Hub too, click "Extract".


  6. The newly created folder in the directory of your choice, should open.


  7. In this folder, you will find only 1 file called "Hub.exe", this is the main program.

  8. Double click on "Hub.exe" to open the file.


  9. When Hub is opened for the first time, it will go through a setup process to create the essential files and folders for Hub to operate.

  10. Once you have opened "Hub.exe" two things should happen:

    1. the Login page will open for you to login to.

    2. If you go back into the original folder you opened "Hub.exe" from, you will find an assortment of files.


      1. Database; this folder holds your main database, and backups of your database that are automatically created by Hub.​

      2. Graphics; this folder holds all graphics needed for the program, as well as footers and headers for your documents.

      3. Hub.exe; this is the main program file.

      4. Update.exe; this file is critical for Hub to update.

  11. * Please ensure you change this password once setup is completed.
    * Password and username are case sensitive.

    The standard login details for newly installed programs is:

    1. Username: admin​

    2. Password: admin



  12. * The theme can be changed by clicking "Theme - Light" or "Theme - Dark" at the top left hand side of the menu.
    When the program is opened, you will find it is defaulted to the "Light" theme, for this exercise I will be using the "Dark" theme, for information on how to change the theme, please look in "Theme", in the main user manual menu.


  13. In Hub's "Menu" click the "Settings" button.


  14. The "Settings" module will open and look like this:


  15. For the program to operate fully, "Payment Details", "PDF Locations" and "Branch Address's" need to be filled out completely with your company details. To fill out these details, please follow the below instructions:

    1. Press the "Search" button.

    2. Double click the text you would like to edit within a table.


    3. Type the new text.


    4. Click the "Save" button.


  16. In "PDF Locations" the all the columns in this table, apart from "ID", "Company Name" and "Branch", are for windows explorer folder directories (Where your folder is stored). For an example, we will add in the directory for where all invoices will be saved:

    1. Open the folder that you would like all invoices saved to.


    2. Click on the directory bar on the top.


    3. When all the text is highlighted, right click on the text and press "Copy" (Or you can press CTRL + C on your keyboard).


    4. Go back to the "Settings" module, and double click on the cell in the tables "PDF Locations" under the column "Invoices".


    5. Right click on the cell and click "Paste" (Or you can press CTRL + V on your keyboard).


    6. Press the "Save" button at the top of the module.


  17. Under the "Branch Address's" table, "Branch" column, this branch name is essential for your header and footer images for your documents, when naming your company header and footers, they need to have the branch name in front of       " Header" or " Footer" (* note the space before the word header and footer is not a mistake).

    1. EXAMPLE: "Automation Intelligence Header" (This name MUST have the correct spelling, capitalisation, and spacing).​

    2. EXAMPLE: "Automation Intelligence Footer" (This name MUST have the correct spelling, capitalisation, and spacing).


  18. The last thing to setup after filling out all the "Settings" module tables, is to save your document header and footer PNG image file in the correct location. To do this please follow the below steps:

    1. Open your Hub's location, there will be a "Graphics" folder in there, open this up.​

    2. You will see there is some PNG images in there for the program.


    3. *They must be PNG files
      Grab your header and paste the PNG files of them into this folder.


    4. Now they must be named appropriately, you must name them the same as the branch name you set in the settings module, please see step 17 above on how to properly name these header and footer images.

  19. You should do a reset by closing the program and opening it again using the HUB.exe

  20. Congratulations and thank you for Automation Intelligence, you have successfully completed the setup of HUB, you can now use this program to make sales, purchases, track inventory and much more.

  21. If you run into any issues, please contact us to help you navigate the setup process.


Settings module.PNG
Settings button.png
Zip folder opened.PNG
Zip folder icon.PNG
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Un-zip destination choose.PNG
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Extract icon.PNG
Un-zipped folder opened.PNG
First menu (black).PNG
Folder contents onces Hub is opened.PNG
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Hub executable.PNG
Opening HUB for the first time.PNG
First login (with details).PNG
Settings module save button.PNG
Settings module search button.png
Settings module table cell clicked.PNG
Settings module table cell text changed.PNG
Invoice folder directory copy.png
Invoices folder.PNG
Invoice folder directory.png
Settings module pdf locations invoices.PNG
Invoice folder directory paste.png
Settings module pdf locations invoices changed.PNG
Settings module save button.PNG
Branch name must match header image name.PNG
Adding header and footer graphics.PNG
Hub graphics folder.PNG
Adding header and footer graphics.PNG