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One Year of Progress

Updated: Mar 12

At the beginning of 2021, we set out to create a new business management software, called Hub. The team at Automation Intelligence, has struggled through many challenges, and setbacks this year, but not without large success, and actualizing our idea.

Our initial idea

We think about software that helps businesses manage their day to day activity's, in a bit of a different way than most, what we are aiming for is to design and build an artificial intelligence, to slowly consume tedious, time consuming and burdensome tasks. This will create 3 major things:

  1. A better bottom line for your business

  2. A smaller overhead for your business

  3. Interesting, technically challenging and enjoyable work for employees.

We believe these three things can create a successful business in many aspects, including health and well being of employees, an increase in profit margin, a reduction of operation costs, and a streamlined work process.

Where we are today

Currently we have just built the base or core of the software, Hub is not the artificial neural net power house we plan to build, but the basis of what is to come. Hub does everything a business needs to survive, we have optimised this program to run smoothly, is easy to use, and has little to no "Useless" features (Buttons or other widgets that you, or we, would never use, but bogs up the interface).

Our plan for the future

Now that the core of our software is built, we will be working on a large number of optimising features and stabilisation updates in the next 6 months. We plan to implement a large module "Accounting" to fully control finances, within Hub itself in the next 6 months. Currently we do not have a time frame for when our Artificial Neural Network, will be implemented into Hub.

Our Commitment

We are committed to making the best possible product, with the best possible service, we will stop at nothing to make sure you are happy with the functionality, optimisation and service our clients will get with Hub.

We hope that you have a great start to 2022, we hope we can announce bigger and better improvements soon.

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