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Launch of Beta Hub

Updated: Mar 25

We're finally here, one year of development later and we are releasing the Beta of our business management software, Hub!

You can find the Beta here.

Hub is currently not where we would like it to be at the moment, but it is the essential building blocks for what is to come in the future. We are very proud to have built a program that is easy to use, that can perform your tasks, in a quick, efficient and reliable way. We will be posting more news about Hub in the near future, along with future update expectations on what we are working towards, to bring more features and functionality to Hub.

Our current priorities with Hub, is to work on stability of the current feature set of the program. We are looking to redesign the layout and look of Hub to make it more user friendly. To improving the feature set of our "Accounting" module. We are also looking to build a manual update and backup feature; This will allow you to make backups, update the program, show you if there is a new version available, and to let you know when your last backup was.

We invite you to try out our Beta up until the 30/06/2022, we have included a license with 2 accounts to be used, up until the end of June. If you have any feedback, questions or issues, please email us at ktrace@automationintelligence.com.au, with the subject "Beta Feedback", and we will get back to you as soon as we can. For instructions on how to setup the program or how to use Hub, you can find instructions here.

Thank you for being interested in what we are working on, I assure you we will be rapidly improving Hub in the next year so stay tuned for the improvements.

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