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First of many big milestones to come

Updated: Mar 12

After 4 months of continious hard work, we have issued our first ever tax invoice, created from scratch, using the developed AI HUB system.

Key components are needed to be set up in the system to generate an invoice, account details, item details, and costing details, once that is done, a sales order can be generated and be filled out accordingly, once a sales order have been completed, an invoice can then be issued and printed; these simple steps were carried out for the first time in quick succession, this small victory might not seem like much, but we believe it takes our project from a prototype, to a fully functional product, showing the operation of AI HUB to be successful from start to finish without any backend intervention.

With this milestone, we can continue to branch out to other features that will add benifits for your business and an all-round better user experience for employees. One of these modules will be the procurement module, this will enable you to track stock allocation, purchase order generation, and key cost annalyis of raw materials.

Another module we are eager to complete is the accounting module, this will allow you to track payable invoices, and easily reduce the cycle time around remitances.

More features are around the corner so stay tuned for our next update, we are very excited to share our milestones with you.

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