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Hub, is an ERP system that's easy to use, reduces cycle time, reduces processes, and continues to optimize your business, to create a stronger bottom line for you.

Essentially, it is the core of your business.


What is HUB?

Hub, is a ERP system, designed for you to run your entire business, from one easy to use system.

You can use Hub to make a sale, make a purchase, track inventory and find all your data in one central location.

Modules and what they do

  1. Accounting - Reconcile customer payments with invoices, make purchase orders as paid, run accounting reports and manage all accounting aspects.

  2. Customers - Create, modify, search and delete customers, this helps you keep track of each customer you have.

  3. Customer Shipping - Create, modify, search and delete shipping address's on a customer to customer basis.

  4. Suppliers - Create, modify, search and delete suppliers, when making a purchase, you can add all your supplier details in here.

  5. Inventory - Create, modify, search and delete products and services, this allows you to track your stock levels and pricing for each item.

  6. Manage Purchase Orders - Search for purchase orders with the ability to open them for a more detailed look.

  7. Create Purchase Order - Create a purchase order on a supplier for goods.

  8. Manage Sales - Search for quotes and invoices with the ability to open them for a more detailed look.

  9. Create Sale - Create a quote, sales order, invoice, delivery docket and picklist, you can manage everything able your sales in one module.

  10. Settings - Allows you to set up critical information, like your invoice payment details, pdf saving locations and company details.

  11. Tasks - A simple place to write down tasks needed to be done.

Why choose HUB?

We use Hub! Because we use Hub, you can be assured we endeavour to continuously improve the system, for the benefit of us and you. Our main priority is to continue our efforts in making HUB the most efficient system every built; the way we look at efficiency is, reducing the cycle time for employees using HUB, making sure they aren't waiting to long for an invoice to pop up, making sure they aren't getting errors or crashes too often, and making the system easy to use, that it takes a fraction of the time it used to take to complete your task.

It was extremely important to optimize each module for ease of use for staff, this allows for easy training for new staff and short cycle times for existing staff.

Hub continuously optimizes cycle times and procedures, to create free flowing day to day operations for you to focus on more important things, like your product and service.


HUB costs $50 per employee, per month. (1 employee for 1 year, HUB will cost $600 AUD/ETH)

Please enquire here for our fee structure which includes

  • Data Transfer from the previous system

  • Maintenance rates

  • Training rates

We can take payment via AUD or Ethereum