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A process that takes an employee an hour to do every day can cost more than you think.

Let's say that employee is on $30 per hour, and one task they are doing takes them an hour each day.


Now take that same task, automate it in 8 hours for a rough cost of $800.


Now that we have our options lets break them down, if an employee does 1-hour long task every workday for 1 year, the number of workdays in 1 year is roughly 252, if we take that number, times it by $30 for each hour that employee is paid to do this task, that total is $7,560.

The benefit is amplified as you don't just get $7,560 worth of resource to use in other important tasks, you also get $7,560 worth of extra resource for $800.

Total Value:

7,560 + 7,560 - 800 = 14,320

Automation Intelligence